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Base Design rebrands iconic radio station Studio Brussel

Feb. 4th 2019 – The new identity of StuBru was released this morning in Brussels

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to the reimagining of the iconic symbols of one’s youth. Music in particular has a profound emotional effect on our formative years. So it would come to reason that in changing the identity of a cultural treasure like Studio Brussel, people will stand up and take notice.

Like rock & roll itself, youth radio must evolve to stay culturally relevant. As the station that is just a bit edgier, sharper, funnier and more creative than the rest, Studio Brussel needs to stand out amongst the pack, which is precisely why it entrusted Base Design with the development of its visual, graphic, motion and digital identities.

Several main concepts drove the approach to the evolution of StuBru:
1/ Music first. Love for music is the shared drive of StuBru’s diverse audiences and activities.
2/ Mix it up. The eclectic mix of music genres allows StuBru to be both for music lovers and casual listeners. The idea of mixing is thus vital for StuBru’s identity.
3/ It's all about fun. StuBru is never too serious. Cheeky. Jokey. Self-deprecating. No taboos. Playing with music. StuBru teaches us about music in a way that is playful and smart, but never intellectually patronizing.
4/ Facilitating expression. An identity designed with the flexibility to allow those who define StuBru–hosts, homies, and the StuBru community–and allow them to take ownership of the brand and make it their own.
5/ A living font. StuBru is more than a radio. It is dynamic, a fact that is reflected in a shape-shifting font with typographic twists.

“The new house style is more than just a logo. They are letters with a sense of rhythm. A 'digital-first' experience, which is flexible and dynamic. From totally absent to bursting off the canvas, from acoustic to furiously loud, from one to myriad colors. A beautiful bazaar.” says Sander Vermeulen (Design Director, Base Design Brussels) who, together with the Base team, designed the new look & feel.

"The old logo was too dated. Too sterile, too restrictive. It was just a stamp that was placed everywhere. The new logo comes in an unlimited number of colors and only has the dynamic font as a thread. It should stimulate and inspire more, and it also emphasizes that we are more than just a radio channel,” says Jan Van Biesen, head of StuBru.

Mutant, the new advertising agency of StuBru, applied this new face Base created for the first time to a widespread campaign. Odin Saillé, Creative Director of Mutant explains: "The new wind that rages through StuBru goes much further than the design alone. There will be a lot of new programs, and some new faces will leave their mark on the brand from today. All these innovations can now be heard on StuBru and can be seen on poster walls in 25 cities in Flanders and Brussels, in targeted videos that run on the most popular social media channels and on StuBru's own channels.

Being more than a radio station, and behaving as a dynamic multimedia platform is the essence of StuBru. With a clear focus on digital and social media, the station aims at a 360° approach, mixing video, images, text, audio/visual, and online and offline events. But StuBru is also a local icon with a strong social commitment of bringing people together and be the curator on global music offer.

"The new branding is reconnecting us with our dna: StuBru as a sharp, directional music lover's radio. The logo is literally a jolt of new energy and it inspires us to explore the boundaries on what StuBru stands for in 2019. We are excited to play around with the work Base has done. Their team has exceeded our expectations and I am very grateful for their vision and work on one of our iconic radio brands," says Peter Claes, Head of Media & Production VRT

With its new “toolbox” of graphics, an innovative StuBru typeface, art directed videos and photoshoots, motion graphics templates, and guidelines for content and digital, Base has set up StuBru to continue to impact popular culture for decades to come.