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Base+1 with Christian Van Thillo

Base+1 With Christian Van Thillo

What is the future of journalism in our digital times?

How can traditional media be reinvented? Does print still have a future? What opportunities can the digital revolution bring? As one of the most emblematic figures of European media, Christian will offer his vision of what the future of press might look like in the next few decades.

Christian was born in Antwerp, Belgium. After his law degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, he graduated from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. In 1990 Christian became CEO of De Persgroep. In 28 years the company grew from a Belgian publishing company to an international multi-media corporation. De Persgroep is now the largest media-company in the Benelux with leading newspapers, magazines, websites, TV- and radio stations, and owns a large publishing house in Denmark. He lives in Antwerp with his wife Nathalie and their 19-year old daughter June.

Join us on Thursday September 26th at Base Design Brussels

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