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© Pierre Olivier Deschamps / Agence VU

An immersive digital experience for the Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Yves Saint Laurent. The name itself says it all. A creative tour de force whose profound impact on the world of fashion will now be captured in the new Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris. To help share the Saint Laurent story with a global audience, we were tasked with creating the online counterpart to the museum. From the outset, Saint Laurent carefully archived his drawings, studies, photos, and creations. Our primary mission was to make this dense body of work accessible to the world. In collaboration with the museum team, we created a digital experience that offers a unique and immersive journey through Saint Laurent's life by way of an interactive biography, themed stories (the “chroniques”), audio-visuals, personal pictures, projects, interviews, and letters. Providing access to the wonder and mystery that is Yves Saint Laurent is perhaps the richest present Pierre Bergé could have offered us.

Visit the website

The enriched biography section allows the user to browse through the personal images and stories from the lives of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

Delphine Volkaert, Designer

The ‘Chroniques’ section offers users the opportunity to experience the life of Yves Saint Laurent through specific themes, such as through his early days at Dior or his time in Marrakech.

Steve Piron, Web Developer

The images displayed on the site are truly amazing. Apart from the stories they capture, the hi-res quality of the archival documents provide an additional layer of enjoyment through detailed zoom-in and enlargement add-ons.

Jacques Letesson, Partner

Complete the experience by visiting the museum, located at 5 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris!

Jacques Letesson, Partner