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Branding Brussels? Let the people speak!

Imagine getting a chance to brand your hometown. We did for the Brussels capital region — a complex melting pot of municipalities, languages, cultures, and energy. Our challenge was to bring its new domain name and logo to life while preserving continuity.

The challenge was to create an identity strong enough to create unity yet flexible enough to create awareness about the wide range of initiatives supported by the region. From housing, culture and tourism to business, science and politics, public to private.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

The “” logo is both a call to action to express your bond with Brussels, and a reference to the city’s status as the capital of Belgium (‘BE’) and Europe. It’s a unifying symbol as well as a tool for promotion to the outside world.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

The idea was to turn the logo into a conversation starter. It became an accessible platform that changes depending on the context. Easy to use by all stakeholders, from residents and visitors to the region’s institutions.

The brand was constructed around a number of important principles, like usability, continuity and openness.

Jacques Letesson, Partner

Logos, however pretty, are no longer sufficient to build a brand. What makes brands vibrant and strong in 2012 is their capacity to engage users and build strong connections. This is especially true for a city marketing brand to promote a region like Brussels.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

An anchored brand, an affirmative brand.