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Uniting Swiss architects with a dash of color.

The Federation of Swiss Architects (FSA) is recognized as the foremost architectural organization in Switzerland. Our task was to develop a strong visual identity that would unite all 950 FSA members. We started by tearing apart the clichés.

First of all, we wanted to avoid the design clichés associated with such a prominent architectural organization. So we stayed away from white, grey, and black: tones often used in the world of architecture. Instead, we developed a crisp color palette to reflect FSA’s bright future.

Hervé Rigal, Partner

Together with type designer Matthieu Cortat, we developed a bespoke FSA typeface. We deliberately made it a bit awkward: far-removed from the rigorous, sans-serif fonts used in the past. Our aim was to make a definitive break from design codes.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director