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A series of black and white bags from Delvaux on a white background

Finest leather luxury goods, from the Kingdom of Belgium

Delvaux, the oldest luxury leather goods house in the world, had modernized its rich heritage with a more contemporary product design. After the successful launch of its updated brand in Belgium, Delvaux contacted us to smooth the way for international expansion.

The logo designed for Delvaux new brand identity

Delvaux wanted a logo that included the house’s historically relevant elements: the crown, the year it was founded (1829), and the dashes. To avoid falling into the cliché of a crown-based logo, which is gimmicky and not “ownable”, we combined the crown with the idea of a blossoming family tree.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

The research process was really intense. What does it mean to have a crown? How do we convey values such as grace, femininity, softness and elegance? How do we balance these with elements like discipline, savoir-faire, mastery, and excellence in order to create a rich personality?

A white banner with a tagline "From the kingdom of Belgium" made for Delvaux

The signature, ‘From the Kingdom of Belgium’, is like a passport you can travel with. It opens up many possibilities for storytelling. When expanding a brand overseas, it certainly helps to say where you come from.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter
A letter inviting customers to visit the Delvaux store
A photo collage with Delvaux bags in different situations

For the latest Fall Winter 15/16 Collection based around modern and contemporary Belgian architecture, we collaborated (as always) with Régis Golay to create a very graphical and contrast-rich lookbook.

Delvaux brillant Mini Satchel bag on an orange background

The illustrator and copywriter Valentine De Cort knows how to create a tone of voice full of gentle twists and delicate humor. Words fade away, tones remain. As she says.

Léa Wolf, Designer
The facade of the Delvaux store

Each season, Delvaux presents us with the leitmotif of the new collection. Starting from this, we work together on the concept for the lookbook, from the photo shoot right down to the printed object and beyond. We think it’s important for the lookbook concept to integrate seamlessly into the showroom or shop window.

Léa Wolf, Designer

Every image we create for Delvaux needs to express a moment of grace. An ephemeral, suspended moment in time.

This year we created iconic pictures with the renowned Belgian photographer Pierre Debusschere.

A composition of photos and copywriting for Delvaux bags

For this project, we collaborated with Valentine De Cort to write and create a legend for each iconic handbag. We wanted to create desire around all Delvaux products: to give them personality and flair. We loved creating personalities for the bags. If every princess has her legend, why shouldn’t every handbag?

In 2017 we designed and built Delvaux's website. Subtle transitions and motion bring a feeling of elegance and softness to the visitor experience.

Delphine Volkaert, Designer
A copywriting about Delvaux and Maison Dandoy's collaboration to launch a biscuit anniversary campaign

In 2014, Delvaux and Maison Dandoy celebrated their 185th anniversary together. We thought it would be a nice game to set up a treasure hunt through Brussels for these two Belgian Houses that we know so well.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter
Facade of the Delvaux store in Paris

Now more than ever, Delvaux appears on the world stage. Here, the new witty and very Parisienne boutique in Le Palais Royal.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner
A white banner with a copywriting listing the different cities where operates Delvaux

The Delvaux & Base teams preparing the new online brandbook.

Léa Wolf, Designer