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A fresh take on a favorite backpack

No backpack is more beloved than Eastpak. It is the backpack of youth, fun, adventure, and discovery. But as the kids who grew up with Eastpak grew up themselves, it was time to update the brand. We were tasked with elaborating on Eastpak’s brand strategy, translating it into a broader visual identity that would appeal to the spirit of youth in an older generation.

During the research, we realized the value of the existing logo on the bags. So the challenge was, how do we keep this signature recognizable, but at the same time make it more open and modern?

Aurore Lechien, Designer
© Charlie Engman

The custom typeface is a key element of Eastpak’s new identity. Matthieu Cortat, our type designer, did a great job combining the Eastpak attitude with a dynamic and recognizable font.

Aurore Lechien, Designer

Besides the new identity, we created a compact and easily digestible booklet for the sales team, to help inspire them to share the new Eastpak vibe with consumers.

Always fun to work with Magnus Unnar. Dynamic is the keyword!

Aurore Lechien, Designer