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Down to what’s Essentiel

Essentiel Antwerp is a unique Belgian fashion label that stands for expressive, offbeat, and luxurious fashion. Founded by husband-and-wife team, Inge Onsea and Esfan Eghtessad, the first collection was launched from the young couple's apartment with four styles of t-shirt. Base was tasked with helping them expand from local fashion label to acclaimed international brand. We translated the excitement and individuality of Essential into words, visuals, and a global communication platform.

Step one: align both teams (Essentiel and Base) around a shared vision. Even better when this happens in a summer garden. As Essentiel is strongly linked to founders Inge and Esfan, the workshop we did with them at their summer home was a great opportunity to grasp their personalities.

We proposed to integrate the name Essentiel into a logo-phrase that changes with the situation. A flexible logo means brand freedom, without losing recognition power. Essentiel is now at the heart of their messages. It’s not about the brand as a stamp anymore, but about the meaning of the name – Essentiel.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

The former Essentiel brand image and graphics were built using a patchwork of interventions over the years. Our task was to shake it up, and get back to the true essence of Essentiel.

Aurore Lechien, Designer

A brand that talks, whispers, and shouts! The system allows for endless combinations online and offline. Today, a strong brand has to tell a story. The spirit of Essentiel is conveyed in real time with every message on every application.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

We prepared a basic ‘toolbox’ with rules for the Essentiel team to follow, allowing them to use the system and build their brand with full autonomy.

Aurore Lechien, Designer

Working with Essentiel’s team was, and still is, an intense and inspiring experience. They truly embody their brand, with Inge and Esfan as pillars of the Essentiel spirit. Their vision, their open-mindedness, and the fact that they constantly challenge us, brings a creative dimension to this project that will last throughout the collaboration.