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Always Geffen Playhouse, Always New

The Geffen Playhouse in LA is known for its original productions and boundary-crossing content. Producing world premieres and reinterpretations of timeless classics, every show at Geffen is new. The combination of boldness and intimacy is what makes this bastion of the Los Angeles theater scene a rare personal theatrical experience. Our main goal in reimagining the Geffen Playhouse was to create a daring and dynamic brand that highlights its role as a generator of exciting and innovative work.

“Theater at Play” was a key concept, evoking the playfulness and experimentation at the core of the Geffen Playhouse. We created a visual identity that is more fluid than systematic. Like the movie posters from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the identity is at times dynamic, others dramatic – always at play.

We created a logo that balances the boldness and the intimacy of the Geffen Playhouse. The design embraces LA by interlocking letters within the logotype.

Storytelling is at the heart of our art direction. We wanted to capture the essence of each show but with an unexpected twist – always hinting that a show at the Geffen Playhouse is bound to be anything but conventional.

One of the main challenges was to establish the right balance between the Geffen Playhouse brand and its shows. Our solution – a logo that changes from show to show, expressing the individuality of every performance while still being instantly recognizable as Geffen Playhouse.

Without a doubt, our rebrand has sparked the public’s imagination. Since the implementation of the new identity, the Geffen Playhouse has seen a 40% increase in ticket sales over the prior season.