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The coming of age of an architecture firm

Founded in 2000 in Geneva, group8 is an office which is active in the fields of architecture and urbanism. It lays claim to a creative freedom and constructive lightheartedness in a milieu better known for sobriety. Our work with group8 began in 2005. Ten years later it was time for a change, an extensive update to its identity to reflect the maturation of the company.

We created the 8 symbol for group8 in 2005. More than a number, it was the symbol of many core concepts; two entities merging, the partnership, the spirit of innovation, research. It was a strong and a playful symbol that the then young group8 office adopted immediately as their representative icon.

Gérald Moulière, Partner & Office Manager

Ten years later, group8 had grown fast. After intense discussions, collaborative workshops, and the departure of several of their partners, it was time for a change. We refocused the brand on the values that represent them today. It's a transition to adulthood.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director

The 8 symbol had become overpowering, so we had to bring a new dimension to it. We created tense and contemporary compositions, along with a more subtle approach to the circular system. The 8 is still there without being there: it defines the grid system.