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Close-up view of two bottles of olive oil from Herdeiros Passanha

Catch the sun and put it in an olive oil bottle

João-Felipe and Luis Passanha are fifth generation heirs to their family’s olive plantation in Portugal. In a bold move, they decided to raise significant capital to build an end-to-end olive oil production facility. The Passanhas asked us to create a visual identity that would incorporate their family name, and pay homage to the idyllic backdrop to their estate: La Quinta de São Vicente.

Three different sizes of bottles of olive oil made by Herdeiros Passanha
View of the olive fields of Herdeiros Passanha

700 hectares (1730 acres) of olive trees in the heart of the Alentejo region of central Portugal.

Fumi Congan, Production Director
a drop of oil with the date of creation of Herdeiros Passanha

We realized that, strangely enough, no olive oil brand had used the drop as a symbol before. And it’s such a beautiful shape! Also, it expresses the fact that Passanha presses its own olives on-site.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner
Top view of bottles olive oil with their caps branded for Herdeiros Passanha
Close-up view at an olive oil bottle branded for Herdeiros Passanha

HP stands for “Herdeiros Passanha” (literally “Passanha Heirs”), a trademark they print or emboss on a wide variety of applications.

Fumi Congan, Production Director
Other view of the olive fields of Herdeiros Passanha
Exterior of the house of Herdeiros Passanha
View of the roof of Herdeiros Passanha's house
View of the garden of Herdeiros Passanha's house

The unbelievable views at La Quinta de São Vicente made art directing photo shoots easy (photographer Lydie Nesvadba). Of course we used the imagery on just about everything we could get our hands on.

Fumi Congan, Production Director
Three mat bottles of olive oil from Herdeiros Passanha

The Passanha bottle was designed by our friend and product designer Michael Young.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner
Industrial designer Michael Young

We invited Michael to come to La Quinta to explore the project and convince him to work with us. Upon arrival, he was immediately sold. No convincing was needed.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner
A mix of olives with a sauce

Herdeiros Passanha controls the entire process, from growing the best olives, pressing them according to the highest standards, and bottling them. All on-site, at the estate.

Dimitri Jeurissen, Partner
The brochure designed for the brand Herdeiros Passanha unfolded on a table
Two cardboard packagings designed for Herdeiros Passanha's products
Three black bottles of olive oil designed for Herdeiros Passanha

Herdeiros Passanha has won many prizes, such as the AIGA Design Award in 2009 and second prize in Packaging Design at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. In 2010, it was selected by Der Feinschmecker as one of the top 250 Olive Oils worldwide.

Geoff Cook, Partner