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A little girl wearing a camisole body looking in front of her

Cancel cancer for children.

KickCancer is a nonprofit organization committed to raising funds for children’s cancer research and lobbying. Their ultimate goal is to cure adolescent cancer and improve existing treatments which are usually reserved for adult patients. We created a dynamic identity that informs and reassures the general public about complex medical problems. Moreover, the identity issues an urgent call to action. A (literally) kick-ass logo, engaging questions and messaging, an impactful typeface, black and white portraits of children, luminous colors, graphs, and playful yet direct illustrations make up this multifaceted communications ecosystem. We donated our time to this project, creating the naming, identity, and website completely pro bono in an accelerated four month timeframe. With the website now live, you can donate too!

Poster for the Kickcancer campaign on a table

The essential brand elements applied to communication tools.

Aurore Lechien, Designer

Make it accessible – simple drawings by Simon Demeuter bring levity to the serious issue of children’s cancer.

Aurore Lechien, Designer
Poster designed for Kickcancer with a little girl wearing oversized clothes and a quote
A little girl wearing an oversized sweater
Main copywriting for the Kickcancer communication campaign
A young boy wearing an oversized t-shirt

We had to engage people by speaking directly to their hearts. We asked Lydie Nesvadba to portray kids in oversized clothing, suggesting the inadequacy of cancer treatments for children.

Aurore Lechien, Designer
A girl wearing an oversized jacket
A little girl wearing oversized boots
A little boy wearing an oversized t-shirt
DIgital simulation of the website developed for Kickcancer displayed on a tablet is the platform where the communications ecosystem works to leave people touched, informed, and engaged.

Delphine Volkaert, Designer
Horizontal poster for Kickcancer with the quote "Cure Don't Cry"
Horizontal poster for Kickcancer with the quote "Join the fight"
Pile of business cards designed for KickCancer on a table
Logotype designed for Kickcancer

The logo design reflects the urgency of the naming, a call to action inspired by kids’ energy. Let’s give cancer the boot!

Aurore Lechien, Designer
The team of Kickcancer sitting on sofas in their office
Quote from Founder of Kickcancer Delphine Heener on her experience with Base Design
Brochure designed for the KickCancer campaign
Another copywriting for the Kickcancer campaign
Copywriting for the Kickcancer campaign on curing cancer for children
Copywriting for the Kickcancer campaign on joining the fight against cancer

Alongside the main tagline, “I’m too small to cure. Are you too big to care?”, other slogans were created to address various critical themes.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter
Palette of colours selected for Kickcancer branding
Kickcancer's website landing page for donations

We paid special attention to the questions around donating by clearly informing people as to how their money will be allocated and used by the organization.

Delphine Volkaert, Designer
Animation of a disgruntled tumor