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A set of branded packaging made for Maison de Greef jewelry

Haute Joaillerie with a downtown attitude

1848. Prosper De Greef opens his humble storefront on Brussel’s Rue au Beurre. Horse-drawn buggies clack down the cobblestone outside. He soon becomes the official clockmaker for the Belgian National Railway Company, then the supplier of pocket watches for the Belgian Navy.

Quite a lot has changed in the 170 years since. The clichés of high-end jewelry branding haven’t. Which is why Maison De Greef’s seventh generation tasked us to rethink them. With its bold — and boldly simple — new identity, art direction, and website, Maison De Greef 1848 is ready for 2048.

In a world where 1s & 0s have replaced the tangible, we paid careful attention to the brand’s physical expression. Every box, every case is an experience of its own.

Close-up view of a set of cardboard boxes designed for Maison de Greef  imbricated in other sizes of boxes
Close-up view of the bookbinding of the brand book
Different cardboard boxes designed for Maison de Greef  imbricated in other sizes of boxes
Close-up view of the embossing text on the brand book designed for Maison de Greef
A set of different sizes enveloppes designed for Maison de Greef on a table
Application of the new logo for Maison de Greef on the signage of the store facade
View of the street with the store of Maison De Greef by day
Old black and white picture of Maison De Greef's building facade

We transform the logo in many ways: zooming in and out, wrapping it around boxes and bags, playing with size, proportion, and balance.

Sander Vermeulen, Design Director
A shopping bag branded with the "1848" logo designed for Maison de Greef
A quote saying Maison De Greef is "the smallest of the greatest shops in Brussels"
Different sizes of packaging designed for Maison de Greef standing on a white background

The new website tells the Maison's story, showcasing all available models, inviting visitors behind the scenes, and helping customers discover the magic of the workshop (photography c/o Lydie Nesvadba).

Thomas Byttebier, Digital Director & Issue creator
Craftsmen in a workshop at Maison De Greef
© Lydie Nesvadba
Different applications of the website developed for Maison de Greef on Desktop
A hand with rings from Maison De Greef holding colorful candies between each finger, in front of a pale pink background
© Regis Golay

Hands meet humor. The playfulness of the art direction juxtaposes the simplicity of the visual identity (photography c/o Régis Golay).

Léa Wolf, Designer
A hand tossing a Maison De Greef ring on top of another hand receiving it, in front of a peach background
© Regis Golay
A hand with a Maison De Greef ring dipping fingers in a goldfish bowl
© Regis Golay
A quote inviting shoppers to come at the store
A hand with red nail polish wearing Maison de Greef rings holding a banana in front of a yellow background