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An ode to the art of vertical living

In a world where cities grow by a million people each week, elevators have a role to play — our urban journeys of the future will be vertical. First a reseller, Mitsulift merged with Mitsubishi in 2000, fusing Japanese technical expertise with exceptional Middle Eastern service. While, in the two decades since Mitsulift's elevators have run without a hitch, its visual identity has sputtered in reflecting the company's ambition, professionalism, reliability, and expertise. Our challenge was two-fold: How to shift Mitsulift's perception as a product-vendor to a service-driven company? And how to turn a corporate elevator company into a relevant contemporary brand?

Our rebranding for Mitsulift was nominated at the Fast Company Innovation Awards 2018 (Graphic Design and Data visualization category).

If you’re like me, an elevator ride is a stressful. As the urban landscape becomes more vertical, and elevator rides more frequent, how do we recast them as pleasant experiences?

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

Sometimes a simple idea is all you need. Conveying the concept of vertical transportation across all messages was an obvious one for us.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

We started by looking for a graphic system bold enough to carry all the communication needs. Built upon a powerful typeface and a simple idea, this graphic gesture allowed us to place the vision at the heart of the identity. A new logo grew from it, naturally. Making the logo an extension of the graphic system rather than an isolated signature was necessary to give the new identity its full power.

Thomas Leon, Designer

In finding a tone of voice for Mitsulift, the challenge was to turn elevators from mute, technical objects into living beings with impact on our urban lives. Since the basis for the right words are the ideas behind it, a good deal of research went into finding inspiring content on elevators and how they behave. Mitsulift’s tone of voice is accessible, content-rich, and inspires rather than explains.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

Mitsulift’s daring visual identity reflects the company’s ambitions. The visuals have contrast and hierarchy, which makes Mitsulift recognizable. All embedded in an effortless grid, conveying simple ideas in a natural way. We collaborated with Design Republic in Beirut for all implementations.

Thomas Leon, Designer