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The art of mixing. Or how to brand a music festival

Since its founding in 1976, the Paléo Festival has today become one of Europe’s most important musical events. Each year, more than 250 concerts and shows are available to 230,000 members of the public who fill the festival’s massive 207 acre L’Asse site. We developed the visual identity for Paléo’s 40th anniversary.

On a 40th birthday, one might invite a group of friends for a grand celebration. The Paléo has 40,000 friends to invite each night, and all of them are different. This was the starting point of our work.

David Moret, Designer

We used illustrations of actual snapshots of festival goers that capture the essence of their subculture. Through these illustrations, people were able to recognize themselves as part of the festival. People go to the festival not only for the music, but also for the food, crowd, and stellar party.

The Paléo offers a fabulous diversity of music programming as well as cultural and culinary experiences. We developed a series of illustrations that capture snapshots of moments from the festival. By assembling these illustrations of festival goers that recall the surrealist method of "cadaver exquis," we built a fun and playful identity in which everybody can easily identify themselves and their experiences.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director
© Paléo / Anne Colliard

A very eclectic crowd — that's the Paléo Festival. The drawings allow us to represent the festival goers in a playful way.

David Moret, Designer

200 drawings and lots of laughter. David and I had a great time compiling this "toolbox" that makes the identity of the Paléo.

© Pierre Descombes

It was great seeing the identity come to life through the massive, 25-meter onstage banners.

David Moret, Designer