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Mirroring colors, Pantone goes fashion

Pantone introduced 210 New Colors for the fashion, home and interior design markets, increasing the range of possible creative expressions. Base designed the campaign with a goal to create iconic images that speak both the language of Pantone and fashion. By moving the Pantone brand into the Fashion context, the campaign engages the creative segment of the audience while retaining the essence of the brand: Colors!

The art direction is sculpturally minimal, giving the images graphic quality and iconicity.

Min Lew, Partner

We worked with photographer Sacha Maric who helped bring our vision into focus. The mirrors are immediately Fashion, the colors are immediately Pantone.

The mirrors exhibit an infinite world of possibilities, and display Pantone’s rich color vocabulary.

Jake Post, Director of Operations

The colors in each image are carefully coordinated to reflect Pantone’s latest trends, forecasting the most sought-after hues for today and tomorrow.