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Poster banner representing a structure with coloured blocks

The building blocks of creativity: Pantone Plus is more

There is no symbol of the design industry more iconic than the Pantone chip. Though functionally it may serve to match color, it represents ideas that are far larger, like creativity, inspiration, and exploration. So in 2010, when Pantone decided to reflow and add to its matching system (PMS) under the name "The Plus Series", we went back to the chip, the very essence of the brand, as the starting point for the development of the brand identity.

As Pantone was adding 556 colors, we decided on the name “The Plus Series”. And in a stroke of genius, we represented the term using… a GIANT PLUS SIGN!

Geoff Cook, Partner
Row of Pantone cardboard boxes of different colors

For the chip books, we wanted to return to the essence of Pantone, the chip, instead of reverting to superfluous graphics.

Min Lew, Partner

For designers, there is an incredible mystique that surrounds Pantone. You almost expect their offices to look like Gattica! In marketing the Plus Series, we wanted to hear from design luminaries on Pantone itself and, in the process, offer a glimpse behind the wizard’s curtain.

Geoff Cook, Partner
A poster representing a pile of coloured blocks by Pantone
Poster representing a pile of coloured blocks from Pantone

For ads, we again referenced the Pantone chip. Here, we worked with photographer stylist duo Scheltens & Abbenes whose precise, highly creative visual world was perfectly on-brand for Pantone.

Min Lew, Partner