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Much more than a lighting brand: an attitude

Sure, PSLab designs and builds some of the world’s best bespoke lighting. But, more than that, PSLab represents an unusual and extraordinary concept – no catalog, no standard molds, just raw emotion and acute attention to detail. From their headquarters in Beirut to their studios in Stuttgart, Bologna, Dubai, and Amsterdam, everything PSLab’s designers, craftsmen, and engineers make is site-specific and one-of-a-kind. We worked in close collaboration with the talented PSLab team to verbalize the brand’s strategy, craft a manifesto and tone of voice, design a genuine typeface, and build a suite of digital tools in the hope of introducing more people to PSLab’s bold process and philosophy. Because PSLab and Base love to build. Especially relationships.

Our initial objective was to frame PSLab’s philosophy in the most simple and accessible way. We came up with an eight-point manifesto that now serves as the cornerstone of both internal and external communications.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

One of PSLab’s masterpieces, the chandelier at Antwerp’s The Jane.

For PSLab, lighting and design are not the ultimate goals – they are tools to spark human connection.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

Left brain, right brain. The digital platform we created is simple: an inspiring mood on one side and a high-level descriptive archive on the other.

The most fruitful part of the collaboration between PSLab and Base was the process we set in place: iterative workshops. We combined the talents and personalities from both creative teams to get the best results.

Sander Vermeulen, Design Director

No logo! The new visual toolbox had to be extremely simple. We covered basic communication needs by designing a genuine typeface, existing in three styles: bold, stencil, and monospace.

Sander Vermeulen, Design Director

Defining the right tone of voice was no easy task. In the end, we landed on a specific style: bold yet warm, short sentences only. All set in our original PSLab typeface.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

Print collateral had to serve as a way to discover PSLab. Cards and other items complement the 360° approach to the communication.

Fumi Congan, Production Director

The PSLab book was designed to showcase the brand’s manifesto, projects, ideas, prototypes, people, and successes (and failures) in the most honest way possible. It works as an abecedary, wherein each letter opens a door to a facet of PSLab’s unique approach.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter