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Banner visual designed for Rives de Saône

An identity as playful as a deck of cards

The river Saône, running through the city of Lyon, offers up endless possibilities for creative interventions involving nature, art, and leisure. In 2013, the “Rives de Saône” project was launched to renovate the riverbanks. We created an accessible visual identity that embraced the energy and interests of the various groups involved in the renovation, which included municipalities, urbanists, artists and citizens.

A photo collage made for Rives de Saone branding

Rives de Saône encompasses a 15 km stretch of walkway along the waterfront. The project aims to return the river to the citizens of Lyon while reconnecting them with nature in the process. Our challenge was to capture the whole undertaking in a single image that informs and seduces the public: an image that can evolve with time (the plan is to renovate 50km).

Anne Mortier, Office Manager
Illustration of the old Rives de Saone

We came up with the idea of using Myriorama, an old card game, as a reference point for the identity. In the game, one shuffles tiny picture cards to create a variety of imaginary landscapes. Along the Saône, this proverbial shuffling of our “cards” achieves the same effect, thanks to the continuous horizon.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner
View of the river near Rives de Saone

To create a Rives de Saône game of cards, we had to take pictures of the riverbanks. For three days, we cruised along the lovely river with Régis Golay of Federal studio and Cédric Widmer.

Anne Mortier, Office Manager

The final result, comprised of infinite landscapes and the different graphic possibilities that complement them, feels like you are holding the entire river in your hands. Some cards contain only letters, others illustrations, still others works of art. The endless card format invites you to travel while standing still.

Anne Mortier, Office Manager
Rives de Saone deck of cards on a rock wall
Deck of cards made for Rives de Saone placed on the riverbank
Jérôme Sans, the co-founder of Palais de Tokyo in Paris

This is Jérôme Sans, co-founder of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and curator of the project. Jérôme is known for being a non-traditional curator: a cultural agitator who pioneers different methods to approach and discuss contemporary art.

Anne Mortier, Office Manager
Close-up of the deck of cards for Rives de Saone

Henri Draws has interpreted the artworks along the riverbanks and made beautiful illustrations that enrich the visual identity.

Anne Mortier, Office Manager
View of the Rives de Saone website on mobile devices
Large banner with the visual identity Rives de Saone applied to Le Belvédère