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ceramics by Dimitri Bähler -

© photo Raphaëlle Müller

The face of Design Switzerland

To help raise the profile of Swiss designers at international design events, Pro Helvetia has launched “Design Switzerland: Connecting Talent with the Market.” This initiative aims to link emerging Swiss designers with national and international markets and help young Swiss design studios boost their visibility, build professional networks and achieve their business goals.

After working closely with Pro Helvetia to develop a name and brand for the initiative, we created an original typeface and graphic system that reflect Switzerland's creative young talents. The Design Switzerland name was used for the first time at London design festival designjunction.

Our challenge was to develop a brand identity that would support Pro Helvetia’s efforts to promote the many facets of contemporary Swiss design – including its history of excellence, its originality and diversity, and its ability to surprise and break the codes. In order to develop a graphic system and specific typeface, we had to determine what tools were needed to promote contemporary Swiss design at all stages of the process, from concept to market.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director

The Pro Helvetia typeface is resolutely contemporary in design yet draws on the history of typography and the formal language that has evolved ever since the days of Claude Garamond. The main feature of Pro Helvetia is that the letters are monospace, which means they all occupy the same space.

This forced us to play on classical letter proportions by placing the letters in a grid – a feature that is reminiscent of the Swiss and international styles in the history of graphics and that earned Swiss design a prominent place in graphic design history. We created the typeface together with Ian Party, from Swiss Typefaces.

David Moret, Designer

To support the launch of Pro Helvetia’s Design Switzerland initiative, we developed communication tools and a visual language that will help promote select designers at national and international events and put them into contact with producers, investors and design enthusiasts.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director