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Reconquering and Rediscovering The Art & History Museum

The Art & History Museum (formerly known as the Cinquantenaire) is Brussels’ premier historical institution. Founded in the mid-nineteenth century, its distinguished collection of artefacts from across the world has filled children and grown-ups with wonder ever since. But as time did its dance, the institution too became something of an artefact — a sleeping Belgian beauty.

We teamed up with the museum to bring it back to life. First, by defining a vision to inspire its future: rediscover and reconquer. Then, by updating its name and visual identity. And finally, by unearthing the stories deep within every object through digital storytelling.

Confused by the old name? We came up with a new one, clear and understandable in every language. Forgot where it was? We put the building right in the middle of the new logo to make it an identifiable destination.

Thomas Leon, Creative Director

Reconquer and rediscover : these watchwords became a mission and call-to-action for everyone — internally and externally. The first objective for the museum teams was to reconquer their own museum, one room at a time. Dusting it off, magnifying it, and making it inviting. For years to come.

Jasmine De Bruycker, Strategist & Copywriter

We sought to make the collection as tangible as possible: each object a tale to be told, each visual a close-up to be felt, each title an invitation to discover.

Thomas Leon, Creative Director

Our collaboration with the A&H has only just begun. Over the next few years, we’ll be working together to transform the museum into one of the world’s leading lights of the human experience.

Aurore Lechien, Designer