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The Olympic Museum: not Superman, just superbly human

In 2011, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne underwent a total renovation. To maintain the same level of quality and aesthetic coherency, the institution also renewed its exhibitions. Base was asked to create a brand language to permeate all aspects of the museum, from the physical to the curatorial.

On what to base the identity? The five rings are certainly one of the most iconic symbols in the world. The idea of the relay also guided us. We wondered, “what if each visitor became a link in the relay of all these amazing stories told in the Olympic Museum?” We also found the tagline “The flame is yours” compelling.

Thierry Brunfaut, Creative Director & Partner

The TOM-Relay Font is one of the key elements of the Olympic Museum's identity. We created it in collaboration with Bastien Sozeau.

Aurore Lechien, Designer

To coincide with the reopening, we worked with the museum on a communications strategy and institutional campaign. A white background, a colored typeface and a playful voice were the basic elements at play.

Thomas Leon, Designer

Vision, despair, hope… victory!

Designing the anamorphosis that were the wall paintings was definitely an Olympian, if not Herculean, task!

A 360° brand makeover, from the restaurant to posters, from signage to communications and merchandising. Only possible thanks to the teamwork with Jane Wentworth Associates (strategy), Mather & Co (Exhibition design), Paragon Creative (construction & signage), Center screen (audiovisuals & interactive), Dragon Rouge Paris (Retail) and Agenda (social media & press).

Aurore Lechien, Designer

The exhibition, "The Olympic Museum, the metamorphosis," illustrated the museum’s makeover. Not an easy subject to exhibit...fairly dry stuff and no objects to show. Luckily, we met Erwin De Muer. He threw plenty of ideas on the table and built a beautiful scenography. If you want to mount a successful exhibition, just call this guy.

Sander Vermeulen, Design Director

Every time I go to the Olympic Museum, I take a moment for myself to enjoy the wonderful view.

Aurore Lechien, Designer