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Application of the logo on the side of a bus

Hitting the road and the rails: Geneva city transports

Geneva’s public transportation system (TPG) was founded in 1862, with four-seater horse-drawn carts. Today, TPG operates most of the city’s public transportation, from trams and trains, to buses and even ferries. We were tasked with rebranding this crucial system responsible for shuttling 192 million passengers per year. Our aim was to simplify city life and communication in general. Safety, accessibility and comfort are the foundations upon which we built the Geneva public transportation system’s new identity.

Old black and white picture of the public transports in Geneva
People inside a bus
Application of the logo on the side of a bus at a station
A tram branded with the new logo arriving at a station

We developed an exclusive typeface that reflects both the friendliness and quality of Geneva’s public transportation system. The simplicity and rigor of the identity system reflect TPG’s desire to communicate its reliable, efficient, and speedy urban transportation network.

Anthony Franklin, Partner & Design Director
Close-up view of a tram branded with the logo on the side, leaving a station

We introduced the acronym “tpg”, a nickname used by the public, as the focal point of the new brand identity. This was a real leap forward, not only in terms of design – it turned Geneva Public Transport into a more accessible and recognizable brand.

Gérald Moulière, Partner & Office Manager
A tram of at the garage branded with the new logo on the front