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Branding academics: Top 8 European universities come together as one.

Una Europa is an alliance of 8 European universities that unite, interact and cooperate to create the university of the future. Fully committed to preparing students and academics to have a real impact on the challenges of our times — they seek to create a new, future-proof and borderless vision of European Academia.

Our mission was to give Una Europa a more accessible and modern attitude. In order to bridge the gap with younger generations we worked on strategy, branding and digital to help them clarify their brand, adopt a bolder, more talkative voice and create relevant content.

The perception of European Academia today is often ‘old-school’, complex, distant and boringly institutional — totally disconnected from the modern and bright working world of the future. This is exactly what drove Una Europa to approach us with a key question at hand: how can we re-shape the conversation around European Academia, creating a more relevant and dynamic representation of our educational system?

To help them perform a radical shift in attitude, we created a manifesto detailing their shared vision and ambitions, that also served as a foundation for their brand story and identity.

Stepping away from the stereotypically rigid academic aesthetic, we created a modular identity with shapes and colours that interact through gradients and movement — representing the stories of the 8 universities that come together to form a group.

It was decided early on in the rebranding process that digital — both website and social media — had to de-institutionalise and communicate better. Since Una Europa faces the additional challenge of connecting a wide range of audiences together (students, academics, businesses, internal and external collaborators) — we helped them clarify how to speak to their different communities.

“Base took the Una Europa community on a journey of self-reflection and co-design to analyze and confirm what Una Europa means to us. Thanks to this co-design process with Base, we now have the essential communications tools in place that will help us turn our ambition into reality. Base has done a fantastic job in creating a disruptive visual language that symbolizes our core values, our rich heritage & our commitment to build a cutting-edge University of the Future." — Inga Odenthal, Communications Manager at Una Europa